BOOT Düsseldorf 2015

BOOT Düsseldorf 2015

BOOT Düsseldorf is a leading trade show for the international boat and water sports industry.

Starting out with just 116 exhibitors from 8 countries on 27 November 1969, BOOT Düsseldorf has registered tremendous growth and success over the years, reaching over 1600 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and over 225000 visitors last year.

BOOT Düsseldorf show is a complete indoor event which distinguishes it from other major boat shows around the globe. Spectacular vessels of all kinds can still be viewed in their entirety, including large ones like superyachts. The 46th International Boat Show Düsseldorf will be held from Jan 17th to 25th 2015 at Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre.

Product categories on display at BOOT Düsseldorf 2015 will include Boats & Yachts; Engines and related equipment; Shipping/Yachting equipment and accessories; Canoes/Kayaks/Rowing Rafting; Water-skiing; Jetskiing; Diving; Surfing; Fishing; Maritime art; Marinas/Water sports facilities and many more.

BOOT Düsseldorf 2015 is set to offer its participants many new exciting themes and events, an innovative marketing and communication strategy, a new and attractive trade fair design, and extensive reporting and coverage by the media, to name but a few. Being one of the most influential and trend-setting trade shows for the boating industry, BOOT Düsseldorf 2015 is simply a must-attend event for every professional in the sector.

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